For Whom?
A guest room? A permanent home? A second home? Tiny houses easily find a place in your life!

Absolute freedom: that is a simple and accurate description of the Tiny House way of life.

Much more than just a caravan, mobile home or any other "alternative" home, a Tiny House is a true residence and because it is built on wheels, it frequently benefits from some advantageous laws.

This innovative home can address varied needs, whether you are a company or an individual:

Companies: (Camping, Hotel, Residential Leisure Park, etc.)

  • Your campsite is in need of a makeover?
    Promote stays in a brand new and unusual form of accommodation with a promising future!
  • Are your hotel facilities on a small plot?
    Think profit! Given that the concept is still very new, you can significantly supplement your revenue.
  • Are you a residential leisure park?
    Take advantage of all the benefits mentioned above and diversify your offerings by opting for this new cozy, mobile, ecological and self-sufficient home.
  • Are you a farm owner? Offer a "camping on the farm" experience to your guests?
    These short stays are increasingly sought after and allow holidaymakers to recharge their batteries from the noise and other inconveniences of the cities.

Individuals: (Applies to everyone. YES, we said everyone!)

  • Want freedom? Think about what is truly useful in your current home?
    Live the Tiny House experience to the max and choose a new way of life. Fall asleep at the mountains, wake up on the beach.
  • Make your land more profitable?
    A Tiny House can prove to be a very profitable investment. Much more than a simple guest room, thanks to its new and unusual character, thanks to the overnight stays, you will be able to turn a profit.
  • An office? A garden guest-house?
    A Tiny House lets you to stay close to your loved ones while offering them an unique comfort.

You will find all the legal information (Lands and permits, general legislation, traffic information) in the FAQ.

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