Our Commitments
When buying a WoodyWay Tiny House, you directly participate in an act of reforestation and environmental protection.

Because safeguarding our beautiful planet is a priority, WoodyWay is committed to reforestation in partnership with the Swiss association "Aquaverde".

Aquaverde works in close collaboration with Almir Narayamoga Surui, who received the Human Rights Prize in Geneva and is ranked among the 100 most important personalities in Brazil.

(Learn more about Aquaverde and follow their Facebook page).

With the order of every Tiny House, WoodyWay will return a portion of its profits to Aquaverde and provide you with an official certificate of donation.

In return for this donation, Aquaverde will plant three trees on your behalf.

We chose to partner with Aquaverde because we believe we have the necessary guarantees regarding the traceability of donations.

As we know exactly where the donations go and how they are used, we give Aquaverde our full confidence in following up on planted trees and fighting against deforestation.

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