The Studio
Your Tiny House is manufactured locally in our studio with local products. We work and favor eco-friendly materials.
The Studio

Welcome to the studio !

In the past, there was a lot of space for working but since the arrival of these big beasts more than 6 meters long and 4 meters high, we inevitably had to rethink our logistic a little; )

Right elements, precision, strength and robustness are a hallmark of all our models.

When making a Tiny House, WoodyWay does not take lightly essential elements such as: a solid tailor-made trailer; a breathable, organic insulation; a reinforced roof; and much more.

Located in Geneva borders and perched on the heights of Lake Geneva, it is here in the studio we will welcome you arms opended for a complete tour.

Are you interested to see your Tiny House as it is being constructed?

Come and visit the studio. It will be our great pleasure to give you a tour.

Throughout the construction of your Tiny House, we will stay in close contact with you.

Do you enjoy building things yourself?

We will host very soon regular DIY workshops where you can come to the studio and work on your Tiny House yourself.

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