The beautiful Japanese one with a gorgeous Red Cedar siding mixed with burnt wood, and of course a stunning interior design...

Here is the pretty Sakura !

Discover this new custom made Tiny House by WoodyWay, built with passion, a high precision and with more than 95% of sustainable materials. The Sakura Tiny House has of course some Japanaese influences, with a well thought mix of modernity and a bit of industrial design

«Athena» is very spacious, and could match perfectly for a couple, or a little family. The WoodyWay team has designed this Tiny House according to the owners wishes. Lot of storage inside, contrasted colors, modern style mixed with more traditionnal asian design. This Tiny House is 7 meters long, for a weight of less than 3,5t.

A huge thank to the Japanese shop Tokyonama Genève for most of the decoration, big thank too to Maisons du Monde for the beautiful pillows and other decoration objects

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Virtual tour of Sakura

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