A mix of traditional and contemporary, the “Cottage” Tiny House offers a warm and friendly interior.
Exterior view, terrace space

WoodyWay is proud to present its flagship model, the Tiny House named "Cottage".

This Tiny House is more like a "small cottage" outside with just what is needed to make it modern. It has a cozy interior that will remind you of the comforts and the delicious smells of the wooden chalets of your childhood.

At 6.30m long and 2.5m wide, this model has no less than ten windows which offer you beautiful portals of light and a high ceiling thanks to its two large skylights. It is also available in 7.30m long configuration.

How does a night sleeping under the stars sound to you?

The sleeping alcove has a “Skyview” option. Two Velux double skylights located in the sleeping area will let you enjoy an unforgettable night sky.

With a modular sofa, a folding desk, three sleeping areas, two of which are in the mezzanine and ample storage space, this model has been thouroughly thought through to the last detail to maximize your space.

This Tiny House can be used as a base model and configured according to your tastes.

See options and prices

  • DIY Base Model
  • From 29,000 €HT
  • (*approximately 32,500 CHF excl. VAT)
  • Custom-made Trailer
  • Insulated Flooring
  • Joisting
  • Flooring
  • Wall Framing
  • Roof Framing
  • Bracing
  • Roofing
  • Rainscreen
  • Cladding
  • Windows
  • Mezzanine
  • Other à-la-carte options
  • Turnkey Model
  • From 41,500 €HT
  • (*approximately 47,000 CHF excl. VAT)
  • All the options of the base model
  • Wall Insulation
  • Roof Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Steam Brake
  • Interior Paneling
  • Ventilation System
  • Dry toilets
  • Bathroom
  • Coating
  • Full kitchen
  • Other à-la-carte options
  • All inclusive Model
  • From 46,500 €HT
  • (*approximately 51,500 CHF excl. VAT)
  • All the options of the base model
  • Double mezzanine
  • Wall Insulation
  • Roof Insulation
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Gaz circuit
  • Steam Brake
  • Interior Paneling or Cladding
  • Ventilation System
  • Dry toilets
  • Bathroom
  • Coating
  • Full kitchen
  • Custom living room
  • Modular bed-sofa
  • Desk space
  • Storage +++
  • Furniture 100% homemade
  • Home Appliances
  • Wood Treatments
  • Other à-la-carte options
For custom models, prices can be up, but also down. Contact us for more details.
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Cottage Features

ALKO optimised 6,16m Trailer
Coated pine flooring
C.2 Spruce frame
Hemp fiber, cotton and linen
140x13 fir cladding
Fir paneling 10/90
10 safety-glass windows (incl. Sky view)
Anti-condensation steel tray
Equipment and finishes
Furnished + electrical appliances
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