Dare to be modern! This fabulous model bathes you with light and will charm you with its Swedish influences.
Exterior view, terrace space

In order to show you an overview of possible and feasible architectures, we designed this rather futuristic model, the Linnéa Tiny House.

Linnéa is a Swedish first name. The little girl Linnéa is known to be "like a wild child."

At 6.30m long and 2.50m wide, this model offers a cozy and ultra luminous interior thanks to its large French windows and its clear interior trim tones. This model is also available in 7.30m long.

The sleeping area offers you great intimacy, but thanks to the two double windows on each of the facades (back and front), the house is completely bathed in light that fills all possible corners.

Linnéa welcomes you in its modern and comfortable interior with a modular sofa, a magnificent table-bar with flap, and ample storage space. This model has been designed to the smallest details to maximise your space.

This Tiny House can be used as a base model and configured according to your tastes.

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Linnéa Features

ALKO-Optimised 6,16m Trailer
Coated pine flooring
C.2 Spruce frame
Hemp fiber, cotton and linen
Larch siding and steel basin
10/90 Tinted Fir paneling
7 safety-glass windows (incl. Door)
Anti-condensation steel tray
Equipment and Finishes
Furnished + electrical appliances
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