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At WoodyWay, we understand your need to find the perfect place to park your Tiny.
It is therefore essential for us to accompany you in your research efforts.
Potential Land for your Tiny House

Let's make things simple: A Tiny House + a plot = Peace of mind!

Therefore, it’s logical to search for your dream location for parking your Tiny House before anything else.

At WoodyWay, we offer precious advices concerning your property researches.

Thinking of settling in France with your Tiny House? Start right now to do your research on Gamping and find a suitable temporary land.

Since Tiny Houses are still new, they are legally considered similar to caravans and other recreational vehicles.

Decisions concerning permits to park or build generally vary by country, municipality or canton.

If you are in French-speaking Switzerland, we probably have answers to your questions and can even act on your behalf in some areas.

Our opinion is that there are plenty of solutions!

For more information about legislation, you will find all your answers in our FAQ.

Notably, a “permit to build” requirement is not an impossibility.

It will certainly require some additional steps and a potential risk of refusal, but many private landowners have been able to build annexes.

So why not you? Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about our turnkey services.

It should also be noted that laws are evolving.

Tiny Houses are clearly eco-frienly, and often involve local know-how and are frequently constructed with regional raw materials.

Therefore, they will be be considered as real alternatives to traditional housing.

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